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This is Ricardo Inácio's (and that would be me) personal webpage, a programmer, web developer, and artist based in Portugal. Here you can find all my projects, thoughts and journeys.

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I am not sure why, but here you are... Maybe it was destined for you to be here, who knows? But since you are, why don't we meet and make something together?

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the absurdity of hope

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We tend to have hope, some sort of belief based entirely on a desire for things to be better, or for something we deeply want to happen when in reality, we know very well the absurdity of those same wishes, but there is something about this "hope" that makes us want to hang on to it, even if it is the last thing we do, because hope, is the last thing that dies, within the ones who have it.

We hope based on the premise that this world operates logically and under some set of predetermined rules that we can predict and use to our advantage, becoming then, masters of our fate. But if we stop to think about it, this couldn't be more incorrect, as chaos, disasters, unpredictable and unexplainable events happen on the daily, which sometimes can shake our views of the world to the core.

Looking at our reality this way, we quickly realize that we are only limiting ourselves if we keep on "hoping" away from our lives, in a sense where we try to come up with reasonable ways to deal with everything that happens to us or others when reason won't work solemnity because our world is not reasonable.

To be reasonable is unreasonable.

If only we could take the "hope" factor out of the way, in a sense, most of our problems would be solved. To be truly free, we should not "hope" for a better future, as it could only lead to disappointment and pain, instead, we should work on a better present, living our lives in a way that we always prioritize the moment. Without the expectancy of a supreme reward, we would be able to be truly free, where long term and hard to achieve end-goals, would become short-termed and realistically achievable ones, not only boosting our general happiness but also lifting away some of the weight and pressure we put upon ourselves to become versions of the self we idolize and wish to become, without even considering if it is possible.

Live your life, forget your fears, they do not stop death, they only stop you from living your life the way you deserve.


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